Yahoo Over 55s Bushwalkers


GENERAL INFORMATION - For Members and Visitors

 ·         Most walks will be within an 80km driving distance from Mandurah.  i.e. 160km return.

·         Walks are normally between 12 – 20km and are designed as all day walks.

·         The Winter walks are definitely bushwalks and may be quite strenuous.  Participants need to be of a reasonable level of physical fitness.

·         Some Summer walks can be lengthy – check the program

·         If in doubt as to your physical fitness, please seek medical advice.

·         Unless shown otherwise on the walk calendar, departure from car pooling meeting places will be at 7.30am sharp in winter, or 7.00am in Summer.

·         Almost ALL walks are on Thursdays, but there are some exceptions

·         Winter bushwalks are from April – October.

·         Summer beach, estuary and river walks are from November – March.

·         For various reasons dogs or other animals are not permitted on walks.

·         Members must be over 55 years of age. (Spouses, partners may be under 55, and members may invite persons under 55)

·         After completion of two walks, visitors are must apply for membership before they can walk again with the Club.

·         A membership fee is due on acceptance of membership.  If a person not eligible for membership comes on regular walks, they will be asked to donate the same fee to the Club annually. As at March 2014, the fee is $10.

·         Non-members, guests and visitors accept that the club is not liable for any accident occurring during any club activity.

·         We do not rubbish the bush.  What you take in with you, you take out, including food scraps.

Walk Grading

 As noted in the section "About Us", we use a simple walk grading system, but if you are accustomed to the International Grading System, the following shows the approximate relationship

Class International Grade Yahoo Description
1 Easy flat walking, suitable for prams and wheelchairs    
2 Well defined path, gentle gradients Easy Moderate gradients on well defined tracks
3 Well defined path, short steep sections, some uneven or  loose surfaces. Med Some steeper gradients and / or some hard going (eg, sandy, rocky, overgrown)
4 Variable surface, steep sections, loose gravel, slippery, fitness required Hard Steep / long gradients and / or very hard going (may be some off-track walking)
5 Difficult trekking, unmarked, variable loose surface, high fitness required.    
6 Cross country, unmarked, experience and special equipment may be needed.