Yahoo Over 55s Bushwalkers

Going up Bluff Knoll was the easy part - Tuesday 8 Sept 2015



 The jubilant walkers at the top of Bluff Knoll

 The descent was hard on the leg muscles that became unreliable and simply "gave way".

The left knee is restrained with a splint, the patient given the "green whistle" for pain control.

 On the stretcher, and being "strapped in".

The ambulance team knew what to do and did it confidently and with a reassuring  level of calmness.

Down the path carrying 105kg !!!

 The 4 men doing the carrying had many rests on the way, and swapping sides.  They are grateful that the SES team met them on the way.

The SES team arrive with a stretcher with a wheel like a wheelbarrow

The ambulance people and the SES team transfer the patient into the ambulance, which then drives to the Mt Barker Hospital.  Fortunately, the knee has only soft tissue damage, and although the patient has recovered, walking may not be on the agenda for a while..

The next day (Wed 9 Sept) saw us walking to Nancys Peak in the Porongorups


After Nancys Peak we walked to the Granite Skywalk where half the team clambered to the top platform


In the meantime, someone had to ensure the rock didn't topple over and block our return.



On the last day we did the "Kanga" walk near the Stirling Range Retreat and saw heaps of lovely wildflowers including many species of orrchids

We also saw a python during this walk - see "Fauna encountered"

Starting at Town Beach, we walked north 4kms and returned -  26 Feb 2015

We started the walk at 9.30am, so being back just after 11.30am, it was short walk to Sharky's for lunch.  Very pleasant !!

 Filmstars for the Yalgorup Campgrounds 

  Keep an eye out for this picture in the newspapers.  For Alana's recipe see

Two bridges walk in Mandurah 12 Feb 2015

Whilst most of our walks start early Thursay mornings, each year we walk around the two bridges in Mandurah starting at Dot's place at 5.30pm.



Two bridges walk in Mandurah 12 Feb 2015

Here we are in front of Dot's place getting ready for our walk.  From here we walk south along Leslie Street to Mandurah Road, and then westwards over the bridge and onto Old Coast Road.

Two bridges walk in Mandurah 12 Feb 2015

This takes us to Mary Street, and over the Old Bridge, and then to the board walk where we assemble for fish and chips.   Tonight we had 28 walkers, and it was 5kms from Dot's to the fish shop.



Two bridges walk in Mandurah 12 Feb 2015

Tonight was a beautiful night, almost balmy, and the sunset was stunning.  After fish and chips, we walked 2.5kms back to Dot's place for cake and coffee.   We sang happy birthday to Ken, 73 today, and also to Anne (much younger !!) for tomorrow.


 Wading or Walking 5 February 2015


 There were 16 waders who walked across the sandbar to Penguin Island.  There were 8 intrepid walkers who walked north to Point Peron, then around Lake Richmond, then back to the Penguin Island carpark.

Wading or Walking February 2015


 With cloud cover, it was a pleasant walk despite the heat.  We walked 15kms from Penguin Island carpark to Point Peron and return.  Lake Richmand is home to numerous pelicans, black swans, Eurasian Coots, and many migratory birds.