Yahoo Over 55s Bushwalkers

Gear for Walking

       Summer walks can be relatively shorter

              Essential items include:-

  • 1 to 2 litres water
  • shady hat
  • bandaids for blisters
  • elastic bandage:

For winter, walkers are required to bring the following

o   Back pack

o   1 – 2 litres of water depending on season

o   Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch, depending on walk length.

o   A 2 cup thermos for coffee or soup is popular

o   Good boots, shoes or substantial sandals (no thongs on bushwalks)

o   Rainwear (for winter walks)

o   Beanie (for winter walks)

o   Sunwear - Hat or cap and sunscreen

o   An elastic bandage

o   A Basic compass (winter walks)

o   Courtesy dictates that Mobile phones should be turned OFF, except in emergencies.  Reception is patchy in bushwalking areas.

First Aid Kits - see the heading "First Aid" 

o   Kit for Winter walks

o    Kit for Summer Walks

o    Bandages

o    Insect Spray

o    Removing Ticks

 Insect Net  – These are quite cheap, and are very effective in keeping flies and mosquitos at bay.

Emergency gear for winter walks

§  A whistle (in case you get separated from the group)

§  Torch and batteries (in case you to stay with someone injured)

§  Cigarette lighter or other fire lighting equipment

 The boy scout motto is “be prepared”.